Founded at Two Oceans 1999, Harfield Harriers (HaHa) runners are an eclectic bunch made up of a healthy mix of trail and road runners and those who do both with alacrity.

The trend to mountain and trail running has consumed us and provided an avenue for runners who want to run but want to avoid the dangers of running on the road. Harfield have an especially enthusiastic trail running group who not only get into the mountains as often as life allows but also do us proud on the podiums at races. Our members are experienced and inexperienced runners alike. Our emphasis is on friendship and in the club’s lifespan many people have come together and formed a strong unit dedicated to encouraging each other’s performance in all our athletic endevours.

The club is based in Claremont, at the Norwich Oval, where we enjoy the use of clubhouse facilities that include change rooms for men and women, showers, and a functions room with fully stocked bar. Committee members meet quarterly and work hard at maintaining the facilities and making Harfield Harriers a fantastic club to belong to. They are passionate about ensuring a long and enjoyable future for the club and its runners.