ASA Membership

As a member of Harfield Harriers, you are a member of Athletics South Africa, the national governing body for Athletics.

ASA runners are issued with two licence numbers, valid for one year. In accordance with IAAF rule 143.7, the numbers are to be worn on the back and front of the vest. Where a race number is issued, it must be worn over the front number. Not all races issue race numbers, some provide a sticker in a bag. If a runner does not have both licence numbers, temporary licence numbers must be purchased (and worn) for that race.

In the event of an accident, a runner with only one number will not be covered by any insurance - as it is illegal to run with one number only.

The permanent licence number is valid in all SA provinces, for Road Running, Track & Field and Cross Country.

IAAF rule 143.8 states that the licence number may not be defaced in any way. The numbers may not be cut or folded or obscured in any way. The sponsor, year and digits must be clearly visible.

Only licensed athletes can be considered for Provincial team selection. If the runner has not renewed the licence in the year of selection, he/she is excluded from the team. This is because clubs monitor their athletes birth certificates.

Runners are only eligible to win category prizes if they are wearing an age tag clearly visible back and front of the vest. The best positioning for age tags is at the top of the vest, on the left hand side and on the back of the vest on the right hand side.. This is for identification by the refs, as well as other runners in your age category. In Road Running, age tags are worn from the day of your birthday - 40, 50, 60, 70, 80.... Juniors wear J - until the year they turn 19. Cross Country and Track wear age tags in 5 year groups - 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65.......

IAAF Rule 144.4b bans the use of electronic devices - cell phones, I-Pods etc. It is also against the rules of the road to be on the road with both ears blocked. Again, in the event of an accident, no insurance will cover a runner wearing an I-pod.

Being a licensed athlete includes an insurance which covers medical expenses that medical aid does not cover. Claims must be made within 48 hours of the incident. Application forms are available from the WPA offices.

Runners are not allowed to participate in races with their pets (usually dogs).

Runners may not compete in races when pushing a pram - unless permission to compete with the pram has been granted by the club. Runners pushing prams should then start at the back of a race.

When starting a race, it is wise to group yourself according to ability. Only 3 min per km runners should be on the start line, with 4 min per km runners behind them.

When entering a race, all the information required on the tear-off slip must be filled in. If this is not done comprehensively, the athlete is not eligible for prizes.